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To my dearest future husband
Dear future husband:
    Hey dude. Very nice to finally meet u.
    Ive been waiting for u for like 23 yrs. some of my friends have already found ur buddies while we dont even know each other. I gotta say ure rlly good at hide n seek.
    Well..i wanna ask where the hell are uPpl say ure just right out there in the corner. (like they know where u r)but which corner exactly??could u plz text me the exact address of ur little corner??so that i can get to see u first. Or go ask u to be my date on Valentine's day just in case when i dont have a boyfriend, then i dont hav to spend the festival all alone like today. 
    Uve already had a bad impression for leaving me alone for 23 valentine's days n 23 christmases n christmas eves. Ud better come up wiz some rlly goooood n fancy excuses. Otherwise i dont know wot im gonna do to punish u.
    No matter ure single now or being wiz some other chicks who u might hurt or might being hurt from, from the minute u read this letter on, ure all mine. i love "exclusive" cuz it makes me feel safe n special. U could get started on saying goodbye to all ur "sisters" n exes. i dont like sharing. Remaining friends wiz them is ok. But there is a certain line to clear up those area. Im not dreaming that u would be the best husband n i can tell u that im not the best wife. But lets just work on that. Try our best to build our little world. 
    U have wasted a lot of time to know me, so u should cherish every minute when we r together. Just as u see, i love using english to record my life. If ure very poor at English, plz get ready to learn a whole new language. ill buy u word cards n one of our romantic little bedroom games would be spelling n dictation.
    Thanks a lot for finally find me n get married wiz me. I really appreciate ur trust that u chose me to be the one who's gonna share everything wiz u for the rest of ur life. As a thank you, i can tell u some tips of "living a peaceful n wonderful life wiz Lily."
    i might have told u im on a diet but u still see me eating cakes or cookies all the time. Plz ignore that. =P 除非是我讓你監視所有進入我嘴巴的食物 不然我在大吃夜宵甜品的時候請假裝沒有看見。
     i wont force u to do a lot of things like going out wiz me instead of watching football/fooling around wiz ur buddies, or buy me roses on my birthday/valentine's day but that doesnt mean i dont want those kinda things. it wouldnt hurt to do once a while. N if u do, u might get bonus.
     在工作上我從來都要求做到最好。有時是真的逞強。BUT U must trust me, support me no matter wot. 我不介意其他人不相信我能做到,但是你一定要相信我,鼓勵我。我經常硬撐假裝我很堅強。但是當我工作上遇到不順的事的時候 你一定要借個肩膀給我哭。而且,如果你不上進,我一定會嫌棄你。你可以長的不帥不高但是你不可以不上進不努力不對我好。
     Independent is my label. So if i refuse ur help to carry a very heavy bag or do sth nice for me, plz dont feel sad or dont think i dont trust you. cuz i used to do everything myself. i dont rely on guys a lot. cuz  if once u leave me, i got nothing left n my world would just devastated. So i always force myself not to get used to being taking care of. 
     when im talking to u, plz listen. at least try to pretend ure listening.
     If i tell u i dont know wot to eat, plz make decisions for me. Never throw the ball back " i dont know wot to eat/where to go/ wot time to meet either. Wot do u think??"
     Ive been saving myself for u. N i wont care if uve slept wiz a bunch of girls. So. Ure rlly lucky to have me.

    你現在究竟在哪裡?? 躲著我很好玩嗎??現在還不把我領回家!小心我被別人領走咯!結婚那天請你自罰三杯酒。爲這麼晚才來找我罰酒!
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Snowy Shanghai

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the things i lost

i lost lots of things recently
lots of precious things..

i lost my earing...in the expo...囧
when i got home i found there is only my left earing left...
i was sad...cuz that was one of my favourite pairs...

i lost my brooch.
thats from orchirley
the shop assistant thought im cute so she gave me that breast pin as present
i loved it sooo much
n i believe i lost it in the subway...(subway the underground not subway the resto)
i actually felt little heart-broken when i look down n found the brooch disappeared..
cuz that day was the first time i pinned the brooch on my white suit..
it went perfectly wiz the suit...
i hated myself...why did i even change the brooch that morning!!
i always use the flower-brooch to go wiz that white suit...
ugh..i even can see the girl who picked my beautiful brooch smiling

i lost my gloves last winter...
my favourite adorable black gloves wiz bows n pink hearted-"diamond" ring on it...
although it was last year..i still feel terrible..
that happened on the No.830 bus...
i was texting on the bus n didnt know that was my stop till the last minute
i sunddenly got up wizout paying attention to my lovely gloves on my lap
after getting off the bus my hands felt friggin freezing...
N then i watched the bus driving away wiz my beloved gloves...

I met Simon this Monday.
he was an hour n a half late like he usually did
i was sitting in Lynn surrounded by foreigners
Noel texted while i was waiting n said if he was me he would leave cuz girls are the ones who supposed to be waited.
a foreign guy sure stared at me cuz i was all alone at the desk staring at other couples...
Simon texted me before saying that Monday was Austria`s National Day many officials were there rlly big n formal kinda party.
he hopes i could be there but only austrians were invited.
he got to the lynn asap
i got myself a mojito cuz last time with my darling S she ordered that which i found very tasteful.
havnt talked to her for quite a long time hope she`s doing great wiz her BF...
if not the alcohol worked i wouldve fallen asleep by the time he arrived.
we met again.
after 3mons.
he didnt change. we didnt change.
we talked. laughed. he said im cute.=)
i told him i might will go to austria wiz Gail maybe next yr
he said we can stay at his place.
he shew me the place he made his coat.
he let me play wiz his hand...that big hand i was unable to grab steadily.
n before we said goodbye he kissed the back of my hand. as always.
he is the first n the only person who kisses the back of my hand.
i do do do like this.
he sighed. said that we cant be normal friends.
there`s always something between us. even we were apart for 3 mons......
wot if i didnt leave him 3 mons ago?
i guess nothing is changing.
he will still go back to Austria.
i will still lose him.

many beloved things did leave me away.
n i can never get them back again.
but that wont stop me loving them.
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Thanks for ur treat last night, sweet couple.

I love spending time wiz u two.

I was really happy. I almost forgot that kind of happiness just hanging wiz friends.

KK said that i seem really happy every time i mentioned how match they are.

Well..She`s good friend. N it`s always nice to see lovelove couples.

看著對面兩個人 覺得他們很幸福
“你今天怎麼穿的那麼正式啊 受不了受不了”她一邊搖頭一邊說
看著她這個樣子覺得好可愛喔 完全是滿滿愛的話嘛 XDD

某人硬是要說自己是8090的結合體 嘖嘖
it supposed to be a little awkward i guess
but we ended up really well.
每當我和KK說了什麽很好笑的話 他們總是會一起笑
就是這種一舉一動 一顰一笑
我看著他們覺得好幸福喔 我果然是老了 好像嫁女兒一樣 噗哈哈
我覺得應該會氣到她 哈哈 或者她早已經習慣了 哇哈哈
我們兩個一臉壞笑然後他轉過頭來看著她壞笑 哈哈 實在很有喜感

我很佩服 因為感覺我以前的約會永遠都是吃飯+看電影
要不然就是唱歌 要不然就是兩個人重複對問對方“我們等下去哪裡啊”

大概要兩三個禮拜才見一次 會覺得有點辛苦
我聽得時候也覺得有點辛苦 女生嘛多多少少會有一點粘的
就覺得他其實並不是我想的那樣 人家是很認真的對待這份感情的
its rlly easy to know that she likes him sooo sooo much

哈哈 幸好之前她自己想通 不然友情沒了真的可惜了

等到我有男朋友了 下次我做東

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dates recently
recently my life is just busy n amazing
i met a guy
he`s cantonese but he grew up in Holland
so he has a holland passport the first time i saw him
i thought he is from Netherland cuz he kept speaking english

we had like four dates
each one is getting even better

he`s so gentle
he likes strawberry n vanilla
i thought he is a little girl =]
he wont let girl pay n cuz he`s from Netherland so he`s kinda rich(?)
80 for one meal per person is cheap to him...

he buys me strawberry marshmallows❤
n he says if i finish eating it he will keep buying me.
that is sooooo sweet~ haha

we went to element fresh for the first dinner
n then he took me to cold stone for ice cream
then popcorn while watching movie haha kept eating...
we barely talked on the first official date
but i had a good time
we ended walking along the bund
rlly romantic

the second date
we went to the superbrandmall n had Watami
then Starbucks he bought the marshmallow n movie again

the third time
we went to the blue frog
nice place
full of foreigners n delicious burgers
took some pics

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now hav to go back to the busy life
but still
wanna sunk in the happy ocean
entainment is over
gotta wake up...
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always cant meet the right guy
all i want is a common relationship
just like everybody else does
but how come it is that hard for me?

He is popular
he is too popular to be a boyfriend
almost 30 girls want to take photos wiz him a day
when we were out, every eye on us no matter boys or girls

he said im special to him
he likes me
im the girl who makes him want to settle down? can i understand this way? 
cuz he said its the first time he wants someone to be his girlfriend
he never has a girlfriend before
that means a lot to me

i guess i like him
bcuz i wanna spend time wiz him
i dont know if he feels the same way but i think he is happy when he`s wiz me
its rlly sweet that we hold hands all the time like a real couple
n he kisses the back of my hand
he said im cute like a child n so is he
he IS like a child even more than im
everytime we hav dinner he will finish all the food
even he is full?? haha
after dinner he will show me his big belly n let me touch it
i always make fun of it. said he is four-month preganent but maybe five-month after last night's dinner lol
he is very tall. 193cm.
so i can wear high heals when im wiz him
n i like putting my head on his shoulder for rest when we were standing together
when we were waiting for the subway he likes to see our figure reflected on the door pull me close to him n said "did u bring a camera? we should take photos together next time"
when he was playing guita while singing to me
he was so nervous that he sweated very hard
the music is sooooo nice that i dont think im ever gonna forget
n also he is the first guy who plays guita n sings to me
he likes chewing gum sooooo much just like me!!!
n one time we happan to bring the same flavor---watermelon
i never found a guy.. a person i shud say like chewing gum that much just like i do!!!
its rlly happy that we hav some things in common
when we remain silence he likes to look into my eyes n just smile without a word
he always make fun of me when i drop my chopsticks on the table
it is being unbelievable that every time we hav dinner i dropped my chopsticks

sounds like we are a couple now. maybe one of the happy ones.
but things are just way more complicated.
He has made out maybe wiz a hundred girl now but none of them was his gf
so this becomes to his life
he sees several girls at one time
he never felt this is wrong but not to me
he wants to be honest wiz me so he told me the truth
its like cats n dogs when im enjoying the sunshine bath
there is a woman they hav made out for a month 
she told him that she doesnt care if he has other girls
she is the most rediculous girl ive ever heard
he doesnt want to hurt her
n he is not sure that he wants to be wiz me much enough to hurt other girls 
shall we try??
im always asking myself this question
friends tell me to give a shot
we like each other after all
but maybe im a little scared. to be hurt again.
we sat outside Richbaby till 3:30 27th June
we talked a lot this is the first time we talked that much
i got to know him more n i think he knows me more too
maybe a wise lady will choose to give him up
cuz we hav only met for half a month
its easy to forget
but i guess im just not a wise lady. im pretty stupid.
i cant forget the happy time we have
n i think he doesnt want to let go of me either.

i hope he can forget all the other ladies
im not sure how many are they
but im gonna believe him no matter what
give us one month
if he cant then end it
if he can then that is love

he has a big hand
way bigger than mine
im just afraid its too big for me to hold safely
i might lose it some time...
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hav no idea
i felt so in luv
thats pathetic cuz he's not a guy i can fall in luv wiz
he's tooooooo popular

i wish ive never met him 
then i wont feel sad now
thats rediculous
maybe all i hav to do is getting busy n then forget abt him
bcuz he is rlly busy abt entertaining...
like football..singing..swimming..video chatting..going out wiz phillipine friends..

i ve made another wrong decision
i shouldnt go
i shouldnt meet him
i shouldnt text him the first night we met
gosh i guess im missing him

im crazy.
who can help me now?????!!!!!
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